Photo Dr. Nikolaos Louros

2011-2016 : Department of Cell Biology and Biophysics, Faculty of Biology, University of Athens,
Ph.D in Biophysics/Structural Biology, entitled "Structural studies of 'aggregation-prone' peptide-analogues of proteins implicated with amyloidosis diseases and for the formation of functional protective amyloids".
(Supervisor : Prof. S. J. Hamodrakas)

2012-2014 : M.Sc in Bioinformatics, Faculty of Biology, University of Athens
Thesis Title: "Structural studies regarding sequence repeats of amyloidogenic proteins".
(Supervisor : Prof. S. J. Hamodrakas)

2006-2011 : B.Sc in Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of Athens
Diploma Thesis: "Biophysical studies of peptide-analogues of zona pellucida proteins with amyloidogenic properties".
(Supervisor : Prof. S. J. Hamodrakas)

My scientific research interests are currently focused in the fields of Structural Biology/Molecular Biophysics and Structural Bioinformatics/Computational Biology.
More specifically:
1. Structural studies of "aggregation-prone" peptide-analogues of proteins involved in the formation of functional amyloids.
2. Structural studies of "aggregation-prone" peptide-analogues of proteins associated with conformational diseases/amyloidoses.
3. Computational and structural analysis of repetitive sequences.
4. Protein structure determination by comparative modeling techniques.
5. Protein Folding/Protein-protein Interactions.

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